fall fashion essentials


The mornings are chillier, the leaves are beginning to turn, the pumpkin spice latte is back… we all recognize these initial signs of our favorite season: FALL. Click read more for an insight on my favorite fall fashion pieces


that one sweater– you know, that one sweater that makes everything ok, the i’ve-already-worn-this-twice-this-week-but-maybe-nobody-will-notice-if-i-wear-it-again sweater. My favorite is a new one of mine, a super comfy grey one I ordered off of forever 21


short boots– a timeless addition really, a solid pair of black boots will go with anything. My favorites are a pair of black chelsea boots I got at cathy jean shoes last year, and a pair of the classic doc martens (vegan leather of course.)


knit socks– a cold weather must-have! I usually pair with booties (mentioned above) or my high top converse, or just wear them alone around the house. Note: they are very good for sliding across hardwood floors.


layers– go for the classic tee-and-cardigan look, or a new favorite of mine, wearing a high necked halter under a loose, wide necked sweater.


distressed denim– go for the classic ripped skinny, or loose with the super distressed boyfriend jean. Either way,  jeans are my go-to for chilly mornings.


braids– french, dutch, side, half up, the styles are endless. My favorite is a super messy side braid.

thank you for reading!! comment down below if you wanna


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