the first week of fall

It seems to come upon us all too quickly. Gone are the sunsets at eight o’clock, the hazy afternoons, and the light and breezy mornings. Now we prepare for the clear nights, the chilly mornings, the rainy afternoons, and the shorter days. Keeping with the autumnal theme, I came up with a few things, almost like a bucket list of sorts, to do to begin the season.

  • Go on an adventure: Grab a few friends and go on a hike. What better way to get out and explore? The weather at this time of year is perfect, the leaves are beginning to change, the days haven’t gotten too short yet; what excuse do you have? Do a workout outside. Some suggestions: go on a run, go for a bike ride, or do some yoga. Plus, working out outside is scientifically proven to improve both you workout and your mood! Eat your lunch outside. Find a nice spot to sit, get comfy, and enjoy a healthy meal while observing the beauty around you. It’ll be good, I promise. Find a new coffee shop, bookstore, or boutique. Go exploring, or use an app like yelp to help you out. Branching out is always good! Make some friends while you’re at it. Start a new fiction book. The best adventures are the ones that take place in your mind. I suggest picking up an exciting adventure novel or maybe starting a fantasy series.
  • Make something: Try some DIY fall decor. Out with the old in with the new! Simply Kenna on youtube has an amazing video here. Try a new recipe. Learn how to make a cozy drink, a new kind of pie, or a (large) batch of cookies! Then, show off your amazing cooking skills to your friends. Create a new playlist. I don’t know about you, but I like to make a playlist for every season. My playlist for this season is titled chilly mornings and includes my all time favorite cozy acoustic tunes that really get me in the fall mood. Send a letter to an old friend. Letters are an extremely underrated form of communication. Write a thoughtful note, design the card to make it look nice, and don’t forget to include a small present! Paint something. Suggestions: paint a landscape, or a leaf, or your pet. Let your creativity run wild.
  • Reorganize your life: Clean your room. I’m not trying to sound like your mom, but seriously, a clean room is a clean state of mind. Reorganize your school materials. Is there enough paper in your binder? Do you have enough pencils? Are your assignments all where they should be? Having everything all together and organized for school helps me to be more productive and get things done faster. Make plans for the future. What’s going on tomorrow? Next week? How about next month? Getting a planner (or using your phone calendar!) and writing down any events or appointments makes me feel like and adult who has their life together. Go through your closet. Make a keep pile, a storage pile, and a give away pile. Then, go shopping to fill up the empty spaces! I’m just kidding. Kinda.
  • Take a break: Slow down. Take a moment to recollect and take a breather. Chew your food slowly, you’ll enjoy it more. Read more slowly, you’ll understand it more. Walk more slowly, you’ll see more. Go to bed earlier. Your morning self will thank you. An extra hour of sleep works wonders.  Rewatch an old tv show. Who doesn’t love to do this? Just try not to get too carried away, we wouldn’t want a few episodes to turn into an all night netflix binge watch session.   Write about your day. Write about the events of the day, how you felt, and any other thoughts. I challenge you to do this every night for a week. Take snack breaks. So often during the day good food is neglected and traded for another coffee, an unhealthy snack from the vending machine, or nothing at all. Fuel your body and brain with a good snack such as fresh fruit or a healthy granola bar or some carrots and hummus (my favorite!)

thank you for reading!! comment down below or like or follow if you wanna!


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